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It takes a lot to be one of the most experience pioneer digital advertising agency on the market. We unite experts in strategy, design, innovation and experience, who work together to add power to your brand for growth.  We are the creative company create strong brands, that is why clients keep coming back over and over again.


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Strategy Services

Looking for a strategic and creative design agency?
At NextBrand Asia, our strategic and creative, design, digital and experience expertise can help achieve your marketing goals. We committed on building strong brand visuals and inspiring creative strategy recommendations that takes your business and brand experience to next level.

Digital Brand Experience

Today, everything is connected with digital experience. We drives your brand experiences – inside and outside. Importantly, we focus on opportunities for brand differences in a digital world. Our digital brand experiences as much on the connections global and in China. We are Asia pioneer digital advertising agency located in Asia since 2000.

Design & Creative Services

We bring brands to life through creative solutions that are both effective and innovative – bring visual and user experiences together. Our design and creative services include brand visuals, print collateral, visual system, user interface, concept creative, interactive experience across channels – all connected to become strong brands.

O2O Marketing

When strategy and creative are in alignment, the result is powerful. With us, we make sure to delivery tightly linked be-the-first strategic, creative and digital solutions that drive competitive advantage, attract your audience, enhance your brand, and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Cross Border WeChat Payment Platform

We work behind the scenes to integrate a cross-platform technology infrastructure for real-time payments. In doing so, we have created an innovative platform designed to revolutionise payments can be in RMB and settle in your currency , from inside China to overseas gobally.

Brand inside and outside
Ouside and Inside Branding

Refresh your brand in digital, social and broadcast channels. ”


Why to Choose Us

NextBrand Asia:
Dedicated Resources
Innovative and Creative
Strategic Marketing for WOW ideas
17 years+ Banding and Digital experience
Asia Pioneer Digital Advertising Agency


How our clients get valued

How WE add power to your brand?
Corporate & Service Branding
Content Marketing
Design & Creative Service
Digital Brand Experience
AR/VR Campaign Experience
WeChat Business Partner
Local/Global Media Advertising
Cross-Platform IT Solutions


Our diverse team

AR/VR Intuitive Design
AR/VR Marketing Solution
Events & Roadshows Design
iOS/Android/Kindle APPs
Corporate Video & 3D VR
Local/International Digital Marketing
Internet & Intranet
Visual Identity + Packaging
Website + Mobile UI & Infrastructure
WeChat Storefront/Mall & Payments
Social Media Promotion
Stationary & Logos


Stay ahead with us

Broad Industry Experience:
Corporate & Service Branding
Retail & Consumer Branding
Employee Communication
Financial and Government Engagement
Digital Brand Experience
Local/International Marketing

Let’s Blog Sometimes

October 5, 2017

Dynamic Content Means Higher Conversion

KOL or Influencers on WeChat

| NextBrand Blog, WeChat | No Comments

Influencers or KOL’s (key opinion leaders) are very prominent on WeChat. These are individuals with large established followings who are highly impressionable, the KOL is deemed to be an expert and authority on a particular subject.

China is a WeChat Centric Society

| NextBrand Blog, WeChat | No Comments

WeChat now boasts over 877 million active daily users, the majority of which access the app from within Mainland China. It boasts over 150 million official subscription accounts and users spend, on average, 90 minutes per day browsing content on the application. The longer time spend, the more scope there is for interacting with your content.

China New Regulations for WeChat Groups & Forums

| NextBrand Blog, WeChat | No Comments

Conversations on WeChat Groups, QQ GRoups or Baidu Tieba have become popular in China

Serving as online forums, given that these platforms provide a private space for discussions. However, China’ governement is now taking action to tighten controls over the conversation.

Driving Traffic to Your Brand on WeChat

| chinese advertising, NextBrand Blog | No Comments

The Chinese backlash against local fakes and counterfeits is one of the reasons international luxury offerings are thriving in China. To be a ‘foreign brand’ has become a byword for quality, thus lending itself to such luxury branding and marketing. It’s important to be aware of this context, it also heightens the importance of an intelligent branding strategy on the most effective, targeted platforms to high-net-worth individuals.

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